"The Fifth Wave Players worked closely with us to develop an extremely unique approach ... and together with Cartoonist Rich Tennant, they provided us with an entertaining, multi-faceted, and customer-tailored program."
"The program was comprehensive, including a book signing by the Cartoonist and some very special customized cartoon images for our senior level clients as promotional executive gifts."
"The 5th Wave Players and Rich Tennant have something very unique and special ... What they offer is not something you nor your guests will find anywhere else, and it was very well received with our customers."
Evan J. Chapman
Director of Field Communications
"Their approach has worked well in sales meetings of various companies ... their sales-oriented skits and performances for Motorola, Johnson Wax and others received "kudos" and proved an effective method of communication."
The Sales Executive Magazine
"Fantastic! Superb! A lifesaver! ... with little advance notice, provided a superb interface to what was otherwise an extremely dull sales presentation."
Motorola, Inc.
"One of the real potential avenues for breakthrough in industrial communication ... to actively involve the audience has got to be a more effective method of communicating than 90% of the corporate speeches ever given."
McDonald Systems, Inc.