Fisher and Staahl with Al 'Grandpa Munster' Lewis on the set of 'Here Come the Munsters' Jim, Tino, and Jim - Computerland Short Tino with John Candy taping 'Camp Candy'
   Jim, Jim and Tino met as cast members while at the Second City Theater in Chicago. At that time Jim Fisher was creating the concept of using improvisational/sketch comedy for corporate communications directly suited to the client's needs. Essentially delivering a "Message With Mirth."
   Jim, Jim and Tino left Second City to form their own comedy trio, The Graduates. They performed in theaters and clubs throughout the country as well as making numerous television appearances. All the while spreading their "Message With Mirth" philosophy by writing and performing videos and live shows for an impressive list of business clients.
   Now living in Los Angeles with careers writing, acting, directing, and producing motion pictures and television, Jim, Jim and Tino have founded ComedyWorks. Believing every company should have a Department of Humorous Resources, ComedyWorks is dedicated to delivering their "Message With Mirth" philosophy to the corporate world.
Tino and John Belushi from 'Neighbors' Jim Fisher with Veronica Hamel on the set of 'Here Come the Munsters' Jim Staahl as KGB agent in 'Spies Like Us'