What Clients Say...
"A three-man team of actor/performers, who take a look at the lighter side of business, are currently getting top billing at many companies' sales meetings. Known as "The Graduates," these three seasoned professionals, who earned their spurs with four to seven years of experience in Chicago's Second City Theater, have caught on with many companies for their brilliant sales-oriented skits and performances. They're young -- they're fresh -- they're good."
- Dartnell Corporation Newletter
"The success of Jim, Tino, and Jim lies in their blend of audience participation and laughter. They get the audience laughing at some of the the things they do themselves.

"This approach has worked well in sales meetings of various companies that Jim, Tino, and Jim worked with. Their sales-oriented skits and performances for Motorola, Johnson's Wax, Illinois Bell Telephone and others received "kudos" and proved an effective method of communicating."

- The Sales Executive Magazine
"The participation of Jim, Tino, and Jim in the Gillette Earth Born Shampoo sales meeting made it the success it was."
- Lee Hill, Inc.
"Fantastic! Super! A lifesaver! Jim, Tino, and Jim, with little advance notice, provided a superb interface to what was otherwise an extemely dull sales presentation."
- Motorola
"Jim, Tino, and Jim represent, I feel, one of the real potential avenues for a breakthrough in industrial communications. Their ability to actively involve the audience has got to be a more effective method of communicating than 90% of the corporate speeches ever given."
- McDonalds Systems, Inc