Problems & Solutions
McDonalds had a problem with difficult land acquisition procedures regarding future sites of McDonalds franchise outlets. ComedyWorks solved it with a ten minute in-house video cassette training aid utilizing a series of sometimes humorous and sometimes serious buyer/seller scenes.
The complexities of retail credit, revolving charge accounts and consumer interest rates were reduced to corn dogs, Ferris Wheels and other attractions at a county fair. Shot on location in Indiana with Shelley Long, ComedyWorks' award-winning film, "A Day At The Fair," was for the Retail Credit Association.
To kick-off Computerland's International Sales Meeting ComeyWorks brought to life the animated characters "Max and Fred" from Compterland's national advertising campaign. The seven minute videotape was a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" odyssey of their journey to the convention in Montreal, Canada, and introduced the theme of the meeting -- "An Unlimited Partnership." The videotaple culminated with a live appearance by "Max and Fred," who then proceeded to trade jokes with the new CEO of Computerland.
For Apple Computers' International Sales Meeting, ComedyWorks functioned in a variety of ways to augment their theme -- "Back To The Future." ComedyWorks was incorporated into the opening of the convention, a full-blown, live, musical extravaganza, providing the comedy element: a "mad" Research and Development scientist introducing a robotic Salesperson of the Future. Prior to the Awards Dinner, ComedyWorks presented a series of sales/management sketches that enabled the sales reps and managers to laugh with each other as a means of mending some fences and getting the company ready to go "Back To The Future."
NaChurs Liquid Plant Food had a problem -- how could they introduce their new company president, pat their field reps on the back and thank their loyal customers? Especially when those loyal customers are farmers spread across the country? ComedyWorks' solution: A tour! Traveling from Minnesota to Florida, ComedyWorks performed humorous informational vignettes with the theme: "Suns Up On A Brand New NaChurs' Day."
United Airlines wanted to show travel agents the benefits of ticketing through their new Apollo Computer System. So ComedyWorks did a comedy film showing the trials and tribulations of a typical agent suffering through the complex and constantly changing fare structures. Shown at a travel agents' trade association meeting, the unlikely hero of the film, "Captain Apollo," became the talk of the gathering.
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